3 Questions Every Church Leader Should Be Able To Answer

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Strategy

Think of the best leader you know. Doesn’t have to be a church leader – anyone!

What makes them a great leader? It’s likely knowing how to effectively lead people to a common goal. People get excited and want to be a part of something exciting that has an impact. 

You want your church to make an impact as well! No matter how long you’ve served in church leadership, knowing the answers to these three questions will move your church forward. That forward movement creates the kingdom impact all want to see! 

1. What is your vision for the next five years?

Remember your last road trip? How fun are those! With a destination in mind, you pack up the snacks, the luggage, cue up the playlist, and hit the road. If there’s a traffic back-up, no big deal! You can find an alternate route with your maps app or GPS.  

That’s what it’s like to have a vision for your church. With a clear vision, you have a destination in mind. If something happens and you need to alter your plan – your strategy – to get there, you can adjust and keep moving forward. 

If your church currently doesn’t have a vision, pull in your fellow church leaders to start with prayer and start listening for what God would have your church do within your community. 

You may be able to see where your community struggles. However, in other areas, it may lie under the surface. Talking with community partners – non-profit organizations, local government, etc. – can share more about what they are seeing. Keep an ear out for any needs that seem to align with what God places on your hearts. 

For additional vision-crafting guidance, check out these resources: 

God Dreams, by Will Mancini
Know What You’re Known For, by Jeff Henderson
Vision Driven Leader, by Michael Hyatt

Once you clarify your vision – your what – you can dig into the next part. 

2. Who does your church seek to serve in the community?

Consider the people that make up your community. What are their lives like? 

People within each community have different lives. For instance, a married individual with two small children has a very different life from the widower who actively volunteers with local organizations. 

Each church, each community, will see different groups. The number and size vary by three factors: 

  1. How large you geographically define “community.”
  2. How diverse the people are within that defined area. 
  3. How far your digital ministry stretches. 

Why should a church leader know these things? Because the more you know about the people you’re called to serve, the easier it will be to make plans. You’ll be able to have more impactful ministries. 

You’ll also better connect with people through resonating messages placed in the right places. 

Want to uncover who the people in your community are, learn how to relate to them, and create impactful ministry? Get your FREE guide, 6 Ways Your Church Can Thrive with Community Insights. 

3. How can you better communicate with people to make a gospel impact?

How relevant is the gospel message? VERY. How well do churches communicate how the gospel still offers hope today? According to Barna Research, not so well. 

Your church can overcome this obstacle! The more you know about people, the easier it will be to reach out to them through great messages placed in the right places. How? 

First, when you know (and continue to listen for) people’s hurts and struggles, you can offer prayer, help, and support. 

Second, when you know where people spend their time online, your church can be where the people are! And with messages that resonate because you understand what they are dealing with in their lives. Some should be encouraging and uplifting. Others may be fun and light-hearted. No matter the tone, your messages should always be authentic, transparent, and open. 

Finally, yes, being where people are means a presence on social media – but consider that one of your first digital touchpoints. Social is a great way to introduce yourself to your community. Especially on Facebook. More than 1.79 BILLION people spend an average of 38 minutes on the platform—every day. 

Facebook allows for introductions, whereas other channels allow for more in-depth communication. Because you know those you seek to serve, you’ll know where to best point them next, be it a Facebook group, socially-distanced gatherings, or other digital options like text and email. Those environments allow for relationships to grow and develop over time. 

Vision + People + Communication =
Kingdom Impact

God has placed your church in your community to have a Kingdom impact! And the great thing is, no matter your size, your church matters as a part of the “big C” Church. In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul wrote about how the body of Christ works together as one (1 Cor. 12:14-25). 

When church leaders have a clear vision, understand those you seek to reach, and know how to communicate in a way that engages people and retains them as a part of your church family, the kingdom impact will ripple through your community with eternity in mind. 

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