4 Things People Want On Social Media

by | May 19, 2020 | Social Media

Knowing your audience and how to serve them is a part of both ministry AND social media. If you understand what they want, you can both better show-up for conversation and relationship AND create content that aligns with your church’s overall mission.

How do you figure out what your people want? In addition to tracking your post effectiveness, it’s great to read up on the latest social media research, like this article published by Social Media Today.

Yes, it can feel – weird – reading an article about “consumers” in the context of church communications. However, consider this – those who follow your accounts are consumers on every other page they follow. When your post about the next bible study appears in their feed, it’s right after that fun post from the coffee shop down the street.

Making this leap can be hard for some, so here are four takeaways for churches based on the report. Once you read up on what people want from the accounts they interact with, this can spark ideas on posts that can be tested out or improved. The end game here is to meet your church’s overall goals. Let’s see what you can learn!

1. People want you to respond and be real. 

 The top three things people want from a social media account:

  1. 61% – Engagement
  2. 45% – Transparency
  3. 44% – Service

Essentially – show up, don’t put on a show, be honest, and helpful. REAL PEOPLE talked about what they want from the accounts they follow. We, as church communicators, need to take note. If they comment, someone should reply. And better yet, look for opportunities to keep a conversation going. If they raise an issue, show empathy, and address it either there on the page or ask them to contact you privately to discuss further. Approach your social accounts with a servant’s heart, and you’ll have a great mindset to meet these needs. 

2. Most want to spend more time on the Big Three.

 When asked where they planned on spending more time, respondents said:

  1. 68% – Facebook
  2. 59% – YouTube
  3. 50% – Instagram

If you needed confirmation of these platform’s influence, there you go. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram remain the most popular and where most churches should prioritize time and resources.

As the “mass media” of the social media world. Lots of people are there, so it’s excellent for a broad reach. Still, ask yourself, where does my audience (or segments of my audience) spend their time? There’s where “everyone” is, and then there’s where your audience is. You want to be where your audience is. That carries more weight into deciding where to allocate time & resources.

3. People want to follow content that resonates.

 The top 3 reasons why people start following your account are because:

  1. The platform suggested they account. Meaning the content that person consumes is similar to what you create;
  2. There’s a tie to someone they know; or
  3. There’s a tie to another account that they know.

What this means for you is that you can grow your audience by producing quality content and engage with people and other accounts. Be social on social media! You’ll attract more followers when you are approachable and helpful. 

4. People want you to help them in some way. 

While this social engagement report is very business-oriented, we can see how this behavior translates to churches. Potential visitors start following a church account to learn about your ministry and how you can help them spiritually. They want to know what’s going on in the life of your church. Something caught their attention and sparked curiosity. And if there are any specific ways you can help them, they’ll pay attention.

Share with your team to see if anything else sparks an idea for your ministry! If your to-do list says you don’t have time to develop the strategies you’re dreaming of, give us a shout in the form below. We’d love to set up a free call to help you out!

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