5 Practical Tips To Get People To Take Action At Your Church

by | May 2, 2023 | Strategy

Struggling to get people to take action and engage? We often hear from church leaders struggling to get people to show up to events, sign-up for classes, etc. Fortunately, you can go from crickets to getting people involved! Here are 5 practical tips to help more people take that next step. 

1. Define Your Audience

Who is the best target for what you want people to act on? 

When you have specified your target audience, your messages can become more relevant and placed in the right places to be heard and acted upon. 

For example: “Busy parents of elementary-age children.”

2. Identify The Big Step

What’s the “big idea” of what you want people to do?

Join a thing? Sign up for something? Attend something? 

Start here – we’ll break it down shortly.

For example: “Connect in a small group.”

3. Answer “Why Should I Care?”

Most of us naturally do one of two things when communicating.

We assume people get the “why” or we talk about why WE care, not why THEY would care.

So pivot. 

For example, “Build friendships, grow in your faith, with people who ‘get you.”

4. Ask For A Micro Commitment

If you want people to connect in a small group, your invitation isn’t simply “join a group.”

More often than not, there’s a micro commitment involved.

Typically this is self-serve and requires minimal action. 

For example, “Explore your small group options.”

5. Tell Them How To Do It

How do they act on that micro commitment you’ve identified?

Visit the website? Talk to a leader? Complete a form? Search on a page?

Whatever it is, let them know and be specific!

Was this helpful? Start applying it at your church today!

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