Recap: How to Connect Through Your Video Messages

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Ministry

When it comes to online ministry, the Church Online platform often comes up. This free video platform from the Life.Church Open Network is designed specifically for churches, with several easy to use features.

The words “free” and “easy” get the attention of many church leaders! 2020 will be a milestone year in history. For churches, it will represent a time when streaming services shifted from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Several of our clients have done a deep dive into video, with a handful using this platform. And they aren’t the only ones. 

The number of churches using the platform grew by more than 700% in the month leading into Easter!

To help, Craig Groeschel, senior pastor at Life.Church, started a series of videos for pastors figuring out how to best use video and technology. Let’s look at the highlights from the first video about interacting with the camera to connect with your audience.

Check out the video and our recap that follows!

Working with cameras.

Like many church leaders, you’re used to talking to a crowd. The transition to a camera in your office or living room is quite a switch. Craig offers up these three tips for when you record your message.

For ideal camera distance, think of one-on-one conversations.

Video messages from home or office settings work best when they mimic how you’d talk to someone in person. That means having the camera at a “comfortable distance” away. Craig gives the example of two arm-lengths away, as that’s about how far someone would be when having a normal conversation. This physical distance helps to create a genuine connection with someone through technology.

Where am I looking? Tally lights help.

For multiple camera operations, such as in a larger worship space, using tally lights helps to talk the camera currently filming. Like looking at different people in your conversation, this keeps that personal connection going as you speak. Craig says this helps to “trick his mind” and maintain that concept of talking to people.

Talking to a person, not a camera.

Exaggerated, animated delivery isn’t how most people engage in conversation. Over-the-top delivery doesn’t translate like a real person. You’ll need to exude authenticity to draws in people watching from home. Visualizing that you’re talking to a person – someone that you know – helps to get over the brain block that you’re speaking to a camera.

Connecting with purpose.

With the camera and your mindset ready to go, now you can record that message!

Give yourself a practice run to get rid of the jitters! Even the most experienced speakers get that nervous energy. Craig recommends recording for a few minutes to work it off or recording the message twice. This will help you feel more at ease and adds to the authenticity.

The aim of this message isn’t polished perfection. It’s to connect with someone and deliver a real message from a real person. As Craig says, “People want to connect with you as a person, not as a professional.” What you have to say is just as powering when delivered through technology as it is in person. Be yourself and let the power of the gospel do what it does!

Trust in the power of the gospel.

The spread of the gospel relied first on people telling one another the good news. It has since then spread even further through the communications medium of the day. Letters, scrolls, books, audio recordings, television, and now live streaming videos have all brought this life-changing message to people around the world.

It’s the power of the message. Not the power of the speaker or the power of the technology. Even the most humble and modest have been able to change lives with the words of Christ.

In closing, take a look at the incredible numbers from this year’s Easter season that Craig and the Life.Church team is sharing from churches and people using the Church Online platform:

  • The number of churches using Church Online grew by more than 700%! 23,000 churches from across the world signed up in time for Easter. That’s a significant increase from the 3,000 churches before the pandemic.
  • 10 MILLION unique users logged on across the world to watch an Easter service. That’s like capturing the attention of all of Honduras or Sweden. At once.
  • 69,000 indicated a salvation decision from all corners of the globe. All of those people would fit into the Patriot’s stadium in Foxboro. That’s amazing!

These huge numbers provide tangible examples of what’s possible.

Which begs the question – what’s stopping you from leveraging video to reach people in your community?

What happens before – and after – the video goes live? If you’re not sure how to reach new people, or how to engage and retain them after, you aren’t alone. Your Firm Foundations Marketing team is here to help you get better at communications and marketing strategies so your church can further it’s mission. Schedule a call today.