3 Ways to Get the Easter Help You Need

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Work Tips

If you have too many things left to do in your Easter promo plan, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here a quick list of tips and resources to get the Easter help you need to effectively reach your community and get your promotions to-do list DONE. 

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You’ll find Easter help tips here for:

  • Volunteers recruitment
  • Graphic resources
  • Post-Easter follow-up
  • Fast printing and signage

Now, let’s get to it! 

1. Volunteers – extra hands make for light work!

Promotions for Easter and Holy Week services often have many details beyond the typical Sunday. There are bags to stuff, tons of copy to edit, posters to hang, etc.

What tasks weigh on your mind? Write a quick list, a deadline for the task, and how long each one should take. Then put out a call for volunteers! Letting people know you have a specific list with a variety of tasks will help people to say, “Yes!” more readily than a general call.

2. Graphic resources to get the images made.

 Even if you know your way around InDesign and Photoshop, you may still have so many images to produce. For multiple platforms. With many messages. Yikes. Talk about needing Easter help! Here are a few options.

    • Recruit a volunteer with graphic design knowledge. You may have someone in your congregation who knows how to use the same tools you do! See if they can lighten the load, even if it’s just doing different versions of your original graphics so it can run elsewhere.
    • Check out Lightstock for any ready-made graphics or themed photos that you can use as a part of your campaign. While this is a paid site, it can be a great alternative to spending your time or creative efforts when you find just the right image to fit with your theme.
    • For more hands-on help, Church Media Squad can save you 10+ hours A WEEK by working with you to create the graphics you need. Social, printed materials, banners, all the things you need. Their packages provide you with an opportunity to have the extra graphic and video team members you have dreamed of having on board! Plus, with a 14-day free trial, you can test it out before you commit.

3. Post-Easter follow-up, so guests feel wanted and encouraged to come back.

Getting people to attend your Easter services is the first part. Then there’s the follow-up. For many churches, this includes a call or a note in the mail, maybe an email. But if often stops after just a week or two.

What if we told you you could create better connections, through consistent follow up, that brings more people back, and you could do it for free? We don’t want you to miss out on connecting with people this Easter, either. That’s why we recommend Text In Church!

Here’s what you can expect:

    • Setup that’s simple and quick
    • Widely-used, proven “Done-For-You Follow-Up” System
    • Integration with CCB and Planning Center
    • Plan A Visit website integration option
    • Immediate access – no lag time so you can get it up and running in no time
    • PLUS with their 14-Day FREE TRIAL, you can try it out for yourself. 

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Countdown to Easter Sunday!