Improve Your Easter Outreach Results With Events

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Strategy

Easter Sunday arrives in less than 100 days! Or Resurrection Sunday, if you prefer. And with it comes a pop in attendance. As a church leader, you know how important it is to keep visitors coming back beyond just that Sunday. How do you do maximize your Easter outreach? By building up trust and developing relationships with people.

Let’s look at why you should consider adding one (or updating what you currently do) and four ideas to get to you started.

Events provide additional in-person opportunities to build trust

A great way to level up on this process is by hosting regular outreach events. With all of the time, energy, and resources Easter requires, why consider adding an outreach event to the mix?

Create spaces for people to get to know you

Events give you another opportunity to interact with people, allowing them to become familiar with your church. The more people understand, feel welcomed, and feel comfortable around your church community, the more likely they are to come back.

Attending a one-time event also presents a chance to “check out” a church in a more relaxed environment, and without the perceived pressure that may come with a worship service visit. The perception is that everyone is “visiting.” Even if your event is off-site, they can still get a feel for your community, showcase how your church serves people, how it’s run, etc.

Follow-up opportunity

While you have people there, you can find a way to both serve them and collect contact information. Follow-up is critical to church growth and guides potential visitors to the next step. You’ll want to send a follow-up message with relevant information about your church, space to ask questions, and an invitation to visit again. What you offer should be closely tied to both the event and those you want to attract. Whether you’re doing a gift card drawing or providing valuable information, your offer should make sense!

This extra opportunity adds to the other touchpoints you have in place, helps you develop familiarity and trust, those foundational elements of relationships.

Easter outreach idea starters

Different churches have different resources and goals. Anything you do, including events, should be both achievable and move your church forward towards achieving those goals. It should add value to the community that you serve and align with your overall vision/mission.

Want to add or update an outreach event? Here are some ideas we’ve seen work for churches to get you started:

Spring photos

Create a time for people to come out with their families and loved ones for spring-themed pictures. Depending on your resources and connections, consider offering up anything from getting larger photos printed locally to a package with a local photographer.

Egg hunt

If this fits with your church and community, this activity can draw a crowd! 

Picnic/carnival in the park

This idea can be as large or as small as you see fit! Nothing beats food and fun.

Topical discussion/workshop

Now is a time of both information overload and uncertainty. What an opportunity to be a source of truth and honesty!

The topic possibilities are endless, anything from finances to biblical questions, and more!

  • Listen to the concerns of your community for topic ideas.
  • Bring in an expert to provide advice about a specific issue or…
  • Host a discussion forum to allow for learning and understanding.

Either way, you’ll want knowledgeable, trusted experts in the field present. Having the right people speaking will be crucial to your goal of building trust with people.

Blueprint to help you plan a successful event

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