Every Door Direct Mail

What is EDDM?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Every Door Direct Mail” or its common acronym “EDDM” tossed around, but what is it and does it make sense for your business?

Every Door Direct Mail is a program offered by the United States Postal Service as a low-cost solution for business to market to households based on geography and utilizes simplified addressing (no buying a mailing list or addressing) to send to all addresses on a postal route. The Postal Service has a handy tool to help you identify your target geography, calculate the postage cost and drop points. It’s a fantastic service for the right business – but is it the right fit for your organization?


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The Benefits of EDDM

The Postal Service rewards EDDM customers with below-average postage rates, fewer rules and restrictions in regards to size, paper/cardstock weights and all kinds of other things that average person doesn’t realize has to be accounted for to get a mailing out without it being rejected or being penalized on postage. The EDDM program allows you to send huge, oversized pieces at postcard-comparable prices!

The Right Fit

Every Door Direct Mail was created for small businesses that serve most anyone — think pizza places, salons, churches, oil change shops…that kind of thing. For those types of geo-sensitive, broad-serving businesses this a great way to really saturate the homes that are closest to them or their best customers. But what if you’re not one of those businesses?

Buyer Beware

I know, I know…”cheap postage” is pretty attractive. But before you go paying for a saturation mailer, make sure it actually makes sense for your organization.

  • Do you want to reach businesses?
  • Are apartment-renters prime candidates?
  • Would 20-somethings (or retirees) fall into your definition of an ideal target?

These are the types of questions to stop and ask yourself before jumping to an EDDM mailer – it’s all too easy to get excited about low postage rates and waste 1/3 or more of those pieces sending them to households that aren’t your primary audience. That’s a costly error. EDDM is not for everyone – and that’s okay, we’ve got you covered regardless!

How We Can Help

The consultants at Firm Foundations Marketing will start by identifying your goals and budget and with that information find the best solution for you. Whether that is an Every Door Direct Mail piece, a targeted direct mail campaign, or something else – we are here to provide your organization with a solution that works!

Leverage our direct marketing experience and ability to cross-reference postal routes with our supplementary demographic databases to enhance your next EDDM mailing! When you partner with Firm Foundations Marketing on your next Every Door Direct Mail piece, you don’t just get a printing company; you get access to marketing consultants and design experts that will handle the entire process for your organization so that you don’t make costly mistakes! No more worrying about USPS lingo and rules and drop off locations — we are experts and will navigate that process for you!

Turnkey. Not just targeting.

We don’t just help you target smarter, we are a turnkey solution provider. No matter what type of direct mailing you’re planning, we can help!

  • Targeting consultation
  • Mailing lists
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Addressing
  • Mailing

Let’s look at one (anonymous) real-life example:

Company “Hank’s Hearing Aids” sends out approximately 5,000 mailers with a few miles of their location. At just 17.8 cents per piece in postage they only paid just under $900 in postage. Awesome. RIght? Well…not so much. Having worked with Hank’s Hearing Aids in the past we know their target demographic is actually adults age 55+. Upon digging into our Experian consumer database for the same geography we learn that only about 2,000 households match that criteria. That’s right more than half of the addresses didn’t meet their target demo. So that “cheap postage” now effectively more than doubled their postage and printing costs by creating massive waste.

Contact the Experts!

Firm Foundations Marketing can help you navigate your options whether you need Every Door Direct Mail or would achieve a better ROI with a customized, targeted direct mailapproach through our data partnership with Experian Marketing Services. Either way, we are here to help you succeed – contact us today!


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Every Door Direct Mail and EDDM are registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service.