Fall Event Ideas

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Ministry

Summer’s winding down. That means we’re less than 100 days away from fall event season.

Now is the time to think about outreach events and ways to engage your current attendees with these seven fall event ideas. 

I know I know, it’s hard to think about that when we’re still in stifling heat. Now is the time to start thinking about what your church can do to either reach out to new people in the community or engage your people who attend currently. 

1) Bonfire and worship night

Crisp fall air goes perfectly with bonfires! Guitars naturally fit into this scene, so why not do an acoustic evening with your worship team out in creation? S’mores and apple cider also make it a great evening.

2) Easy hike/trail walk for families

Go check out the leaves on a trail walk or an easy hike one morning or afternoon. This activity is a fun way for families with children of all ages to enjoy time outside (and help those little ones burn off energy). Consider a devotion time around the change of seasons and the seasons of life, etc. To see when the leaves look AH-MAZING in your area, this page shows peak leaf time across the United States.

3) More challenging hike for teens on up. 

For those more adventurous and able, take a day trip to hike up more adventurous trails. You can use a similar format to the idea above. In both cases, the idea is a time of fellowship and reflecting on the wonder of God’s creation. 

4) Apple gleaning

Your activities can have a mission focus! Contact a local group that works with farmers to glean their apple orchards and see how your church can help. Society of St. Andrew is one such organization with offices across the southeastern United States.

5) Harvest Party

This classic event is fun for kids of all ages and presents you with a great outreach opportunity to your community. Costumes, crafts, and all of the fun draw in kids and their families. Plus you can make it as big or as small as you like. 

If you’re going the outreach event, you’ll want to think ahead to how you’ll follow-up with families afterward.

6) Support a local sports team

How can this be outreach? Whatever you do, whether cheering or volunteering, have your crew wear branded shirts so spectators can see your church represented. Volunteers can collect tickets, work concessions, and more! Contact team management or the school to see how your church can help and have a great community presence.

7) Presence at local fall festivals

People of all ages love seasonal festivals! Check out your community calendars or think back to some of your favorites. Family-friendly events like this allow you to be present, have fun, and give people an idea of what your church is like. 

Let us know if these fall event ideas have sparked some other thoughts. We’d love to hear about what your church does in the fall in the comments below!

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