What’s your strategy?

Every great story needs a great storyteller. Firm Foundations Marketing, Inc. takes a foundational, “from the ground up” approach to marketing. As analysts, marketers, communicators, and creators we will provide turnkey support to deliver your message to your target audience in a meaningful and measurable way.

Our goal is to help your church or small business develop a strong marketing base on which the organization can grow. Whether you’re a pastor or a church secretary, work in a skilled trade or own a store, we’re ready to come along side and help you reach your audience so you can focus more on the work you do so well.

With more than 25 combined years in marketing strategy, advertising, analytics, research, brand development, digital marketing, direct mail, and printing, we strive to develop plans and implement solutions to deliver what you want to achieve.

Spending money on marketing without a plan is more of an expensive pastime rather than effectively getting your message out. We can help get you from goals to tactics, understand your target audience(s), help you track the results and pivot as you move closer to hitting your numbers.

We offer:

  • Brand management
  • Campaign planning
  • Current audience analysis
  • Identify new audience(s)
  • Social, email, digital and direct marketing planning and execution

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Church Marketing

Is your church reaching people in a way that speaks to them or are they just passing you by?

We Can Help!

Yup, we said it…Church Marketing. We put “church” and “marketing” in the same sentence. We even put them next to each other. Keep reading.


Church marketing isn’t a dirty word or phrase akin to peddling more stuff but rather it’s a method you use to effectively speak to your congregation and your community. The right message said the wrong way or put in the wrong place simply won’t be as effective. Firm Foundations Marketing, Inc. is aligned with your vision to share the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission and that’s why we are here to come along side your church to put our skills to work to enhance your ministry.

No matter where you are in your marketing journey we’ll partner with you, from developing a basic strategy to more advanced digital marketing tactics, and everything in between.

Read more on how we work with churches.

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Web Audit

How is your site performing? Where is your audience coming from? What is their experience when they visit? If you can't answer those questions, we can help!
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Ensure your site is customer ready for the traffic your digital marketing drives there with our blend of reporting and page-by-page review.


A web audit will allow you to identify and address issues related to SEO, mobile, user experience – and better understand what users are doing on your site. We’ll also help you assess how well your site aligns to your goals and how it’s performing relative to your marketplace.


  • SEO recommendations: tagging issues, broken links, etc.
  • Mobile load time on 3G and 4G networks, and ID’ing what may be slowing your site down.
  • Page by page analysis: typos and other editing, user experience, and navigation.
  • In-Depth Google Analytics reporting and user behavior by Google Analytics IQ certified professionals. Need at least three months’ worth of Google Analytics data.

Content Creation

Content marketing and copywriting for your website, social media posts, email blasts, and more.
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Content Creation

Content marketing and copywriting for your website, social media posts, email blasts, and more.

You put time, money and effort into developing a marketing strategy. The ads are designed. The posts are ready to go. But what will it click through to?


Just making a post on social media or running some digital ads isn’t enough. That’s just the first part of their interactive journey with you. Now that you have their attention, what will you say? And how will you get what you need from your audience in order to get one step closer to your goals?

Successful marketing campaigns rely on frequent, consistent content creation, written just right for the intended vehicle and audience. We’ll look ahead to what’s coming up, develop a content calendar so your campaign can stay focused and on track, and even create/curate the content and distribute out to your audience.

  • Landing pages on your site for digital marketing campaigns
  • Text for new webpages for your site
  • Social media posts – text, photos, and video
  • Downloadable content
  • Email marketing

Want to find out more? Contact us – we look forward to talking with you!