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by | Feb 15, 2021 | Guest Follow-Up, Ministry, Research, Strategy

I have an unusual hobby – I’m a bit of a scrapper. I like to “pick” stuff.

You know, I like to search for old junk and turn it into something valuable. Sometimes it may just be some old pieces of metal getting scrapped, or fixing up a hodgepodge of parts to build a computer for a family, or hunting for the perfect treasure at a thrift store to flip online. I like to think I take after our Creator in that sense – finding value in things that have been discarded and giving them new life.

Like many of you over the past year, we’ve had to scrap our plans – more than once – and start over to try to make the best of it. And like you, too, I have experienced personal pain, fear, and loss along the way. The Lord’s refining fire is a hot one, isn’t it? That’s because the mission never stops.

A seismic shift in connection

COVID-19 has challenged our “normal” – and for many of you, it may have even challenged your faith. The pandemic brought with it a new wave of challenges in staying connected with both your congregants and your community because no matter whether you are 100% online, in-person, or doing a hybrid – we’ve all felt a seismic shift in the connection we have with others.

Everyone feels digital, disconnected, and dispersed. We want to help you change that.

You may not have even noticed, but it’s been months since the Firm Foundations team showed up in your inbox or on your social media feed. In that time, the Lord has given us a renewed vision for Firm Foundations Marketing and how we can help church leaders like you take leaps forward in today’s world and get unstuck *right now*.

While every church is dealing with different dynamics, the resounding commonality over the past year is that so many leaders are learning on the fly and duct-taping solutions together that the communications system as a whole isn’t working to its fullest potential. And with reduced face-to-face interactions, church leaders are quickly losing touch with the struggles and ministry opportunities of those in the surrounding community.

It’s really hard to connect with people you can’t even see. After all, getting an “amen!” comment in the live stream doesn’t exactly give you much of a biography to go off of, does it? You’re in ministry because God called you here, but you’ve been putting out fires for so long that you haven’t had the opportunity to step back and evaluate things and identify ways to improve amongst the chaos.

It’s time for a reboot.

Connect with people. Share the Gospel.

You’ve been doing great things, and you’ve made it well into 2021, but now that you’re here, it’s time to level-up your approach.

Our team of consultants previously spent almost 30 combined years helping corporate America connect with communities. Since joining forces nearly three years ago when we founded Firm Foundations Marketing, we have been privileged to partner with brand new church plants to century-old established churches all over the country to help them fulfill God’s call.

While nothing can replace the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we firmly believe that understanding people and how they receive messages can have a dramatic impact on how effectively you are able to connect with them so that the gospel message can be heard.

Today, we are announcing new solutions to help your church reach more people and engage your community in meaningful ways so that you can retain more in ministry.

1. Church Secret Guest

What’s a guest experiencing when they try to find and engage with your church online? Our 500+ point digital assessment audits your website, your online search presence, your social media, your online service, as well as guest engagement. With our digital secret guest experience, you’ll receive the perspective of a first-time guest with the actionable insights of a professional so that you can prioritize the big gaps and the easy wins that can help you start connecting with people.

2. Foundations Catalyst

Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, and Church Communications leaders get a deep dive into what makes the surrounding community tick – a key to engaging and reengaging those around you. In our Community Catalyst Workshop, we’ll walk you through some incredible community insights that can shape everything from your church’s vision to outreach ministries to how you craft weekly sermons and other messaging for maximum impact. Then we’ll help you draft a three-part strategy to reach, engage, and retain those in your community. It also includes a Secret Guest experience and a month of coaching access to further support you.

3. Building Blocks

For senior leaders looking for a total overhaul, we help you build upon the Secret Guest and Foundations Catalyst by adding in a comprehensive communications audit, a church insights report (know your congregation better than ever before), and getting extended coaching access for three months. It’s everything you need to better understand your audience and how to clear the clutter and right-size your communications so you can re-launch successfully.

Inject new life

*phew* that was a lot, right? But hey, you’ve stuck around this far, so that’s a good sign! If you’re like me and you’re ready to inject new life into the old and familiar, then let’s connect over a free discovery call and see if our solution is the right fit for your church. You can also click here to learn more.

In the next post, we’ll share with you what’s missing on the digital side that’s keeping people from sticking around, so be sure to check out those helpful tips coming from co-founder, Tammy Burdick.

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Looking forward to serving God together,

Tyler Harden
Co-Founder, CEO

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