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We believe research should be so easy to understand and practical that your entire team can get behind it.

Our unique solutions focus on bringing deep-dive insights into high-impact summaries. As a church leader you’ll find executive summaries, narratives, and commentaries to support key ah-ha’s identified in your results.

We hate ugly reports and and tables upon tables of data that simply make you want to fall asleep.

The best data is data that you use. We’re here to help inform you and your church so pastors and church leaders can forge a new path forward with our research solutions to back them.


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Research solutions for non-data people

Cover of "Discover Your Ideal Audiences: Community Research Guide" by Firm Foundations Marketing, featuring raised hands in the background.

Our signature research solution

Community Research Guide

Through the lens of community research, you’ll uncover deep insights into your community in order to identify those that your church is best positioned to reach – who we call your “ideal audiences.” The detail-rich insights will serve as the backdrop for developing a common language and strategies needed to continue to engage the surrounding community with purpose as you look to the future.

To improve community awareness, expand your ministry, and strengthen your congregational connection, you first need to know who in your community you will naturally do really well at reaching. Our signature solution will give you a deep-dive into your ideal audiences and what they need from you. You receive an 80+ page report you can return to again and again.

help with the highlights

quick reference posters

Our printable PDF quick reference posters help you keep the main points about your ideal audiences front and center. Pastors and Church Communications Directors love these because it’s an easy way to keep key insights visible without having to dig into a longer report.

Packed with audience research insights themselves, these quick reference posters only scratch the surface on the robust audience profiles you’ll find in the Community Research Guide.

Cover of the Secret Guest Evaluation Report for Rocky Mount United Methodist, February 2024, featuring an image of a brick church building on a partly cloudy day. Prepared by Firm Foundations Marketing, Inc.

Secret Guest Report

The Secret Guest Consultation provides an objective set of first-time guest eyes to experience your church and uncover blind spots and opportunities that align with your ideal audience research insights.

Knowing how “guest ready” you are today allows you to plan for how to get your guests experience to where it needs to be in order to expand your ministry and retain more people. You receive a full report detailing results so you and your leadership can emphasize what you do well, and prioritize trouble spots that need attention.

Cover of "Communications Audit Report" for Faith Church in Chandler, IN, September 1 - November 30, 2023, featuring a hand on a laptop keyboard and social media icons. Prepared by Firm Foundations Marketing, Inc.

Communications Audit

Clear communication that sticks gives people what they need to engage with your church. But churches that struggle with engagement often can’t tell what exactly what needs to be changed to drive impact.

With a Communications Audit, our team does a holistic analysis – everything from internal structure and systems to communications frequency and methods. You receive a detailed, action-oriented report that allows you to see where you are today, where you need to go, and the size of the gap in between.

Cover page titled "Congregational Surveys & Interviews" for Faith Church in Chandler, IN, November 2023. Features charts, a magnifying glass, and a pen. Prepared by Firm Foundations Marketing, Inc.

Congregational Surveys & Interviews

To strengthen and grow your ministry, it’s valuable to get first-hand insights from those currently involved and who will be affected by any future changes. Bonus: It makes buy-in easier because they’ll be a part of the process.

Our team collaborates with you to drive congregational engagement in the survey. From there, we identify the best people for in-depth, 25-minute interviews, based on your church’s goals. You receive a full report on the survey and interview results, highlighting themes, trouble spots, and prioritized recommendations.

Cover page for the "March 2024 Change Readiness Inventory Results" report from St. Luke Lutheran Church in Felton, PA, prepared by Firm Foundations Marketing, featuring a photo of train tracks diverging.

Change Readiness Inventory

You’re ready to make changes – but what about everyone else at your church? When you can see what areas people may get hung up on, you can address it and guide people forward.

This digital assessment, finished in 10 minutes or less, is available to leaders and your congregation. Leaders receive an immediate assessment result emailed to them. You receive a full report on your leadership team and your congregation.

A person holding an open book is featured on the cover of a report titled "Church Leader Assessment Results" for St. Luke Lutheran Church, to be presented in March 2024 by Firm Foundations Marketing, Inc.

Church Leader Self-Assessment

God gifted different leaders with different strengths. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, you can see where you can double down as you guide your church forward, and what blind spots you may have.

This digital assessment takes only a few minutes and is available to multiple leaders at your church. Participants receive an immediate assessment result emailed to them, and you receive a full report on your leadership team.

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