How To Rethink Your Approach to Meaningful Church Events

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Strategy

Have you been thinking about the next big event all wrong?

Recently, our team was coaching a pastor through a mindset shift and doubling down on engaging his ideal audience.

He wanted a meaningful Mother’s Day Sunday for his church: nice gifts, a fun photo booth, meaningful sermon.


Answer why this church event should be a big day for your ideal audience

Those things are nice and well-intentioned, and they’d likely make for a lovely Mother’s Day Sunday.

But would it be remembered? Would it make an impact? Would it advance the mission?

Or would it just be a nice thing that happened in the moment and is quickly forgotten?

Focus on these three things to make a lasting impact.

If you want lasting impact, don’t focus on the thing you want to promote. Instead, focus on:

  • The journey you want to take them on
  • The story you want to invite them into
  • The impact you want them to walk away remembering

Then ask yourself, how must we approach this to move from big day to big impact?

It’s more than a church event. It’s life change.


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