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Get professional insights and practical next steps to engage more guests when you hire a local church consultant.


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a customized action plan

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Special savings expires December 31, 2021. Lock in your discount today and book your secret guest as late as April 2022.








Stop guessing at first impressions

Get answers to things like:


What are first-time guests experiencing and do they feel welcome and expected?


How can I get more people to fill out our church’s connect card?


What should be on our website to engage more first-time guests?


Our facilities are old and confusing. How do we help guests get around more easily?

Empty pews in a church spaced out for COVID


we’ll evaluate key areas like:



Church Website

Your website can make a great first impression or frustrate would-be guests. Find out where to improve.


Sunday worship Experience

A consultant will attend an in-person Sunday worship service.


Facilities & Hospitality

From parking lot to pots of coffee, we’ll help you identify friction points that may be keeping guests from coming back.


Guest Connection

Little things make a big difference. We assess how effectively you’re engaging first-time guests along their journey.

Findings will be compiled into a simple report identifying your Top 3 opportunities along with a narrative with long-term guidance so you can develop an action plan.


20+ Years of Helping organizations connect with their community

consultants Based in the roanoke valley

time-tested consultation process

DRIVEN BY THE GREAT COMMISSION to help you make a local impact

Church Marketing professionals Tyler Harden, CEO, and Tammy Burdick, President, of Firm Foundations Marketing. Photo taken outside in downtown Roanoke city, Virginia
Tyler Harden

Tyler Harden

Certified Church Consultant

As a Church Answers Certified Church Consultant also with 20 years of marketing experience, church leaders benefit from Tyler’s holistic approach in helping your church in its unique community to pursue its unique mission.

Tammy Burdick

Tammy Burdick

Church Consultant, Researcher

Tammy brings more than 20 years of experience in working with organizations of all sizes and coaches churches through understanding the foundational insights needed to make community impact.

Who the secret guest experience is for


Any Church Located in the entire Roanoke Valley


churches interested in engaging their community


small, medium, and large-size churches


churches that are stagnant, growing, or in decline


local churches that can act quickly to save money


churches willing to make recommended changes

take your first step towards gaining confidence and engaging more people

how the process works


Schedule Your Secret Guest Consultation

Use our online scheduling tool to select any available Sunday.


Get an action plan

Simple is executable, so within 48 hours of experiencing your church, your consultant will send a report with their findings and recommendations.


ENGAGE more people

Implement your customized action plan to start engaging more people each week!

save time, money, and sanity.


No travel expenses to pay for


No long turnaround times


No costly conferences to attend


No generic advice

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Your  Investment

*Your Secret Guest experience must be booked and paid in full by 12/31/2021 in order to qualify for these exclusive savings.
**Four one-hour meetings with your team (in-person upon request) to help your team execute with excellence.

Have Questions? Get Answers!

Can I talk to someone to ask questions or learn more?

Of course! To schedule a time to connect, click here.

When do I have to pay?

Payment is due in full, up-front. Because we are deeply discounting our services for Roanoke-area churches, payment must be received by December 31, 2021 but your secret guest consultation may be selected as late as April 17, 2022 (based on availability).

How late can I schedule a Secret Guest?

Your secret guest consultation may be selected as late as April 17, 2022 (based on availability), however payment is due in full, up-front and must be received by December 31, 2021.

This is a valuable service - why is it so inexpensive?

Our team desires to make an impact where we live. To help make this possible for more churches, we deeply discounted our consulting services. In addition, because we are local, travel expenses are waived.

Does my church qualify as being in the Roanoke Valley?

We aren’t going to nitpick the definition, but our goal is to serve churches in Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Salem, Botetourt County, Craig County, and Franklin County. If you consider yourself a Roanoke Valley church – we’ll consider you one as well.

Will a consultant meet with my team?

Your consultant will meet with your leadership team for one hour to review the report findings and answer any questions. If you purchased the $997 Secret Guest Plus package, you will also receive 4 weeks of strategic implementation coaching session in the form of four one-hour meetings with your consultant.

What's included in the community demographic report?

This report, included in the $997 Secret Guest Plus package, is tailored to your defined ministry area (usually a 10 minute drivetime). The report will include information such as population trends, racial diversity, life stage forecasting, education levels, household income, and more. This information can be useful in better understanding how your church can serve the needs of your community.


Special Local Pricing Only Available
through December 31, 2021!








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When your ministry needs a reset it can be difficult to know the right path to take. Ministry Reset by Firm Foundations Marketing is how our church consultants help you connect with your unique community to engage them more effectively with the gospel and fulfill The Great Commission. We believe that when you truly understand how to engage people and meet needs, you’re able to become the steady light people need in a world full of uncertainty and noise.


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