Welcome new people with 8 awesome spring outreach ideas

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Ministry

Before we know it, we can enjoy lovely warm weather and get outside with our communities. The upcoming Easter season typically keeps churches reasonably busy. If you’re thinking ahead to what to do the second half of spring, here’s a list of sprint outreach event idea starters to draw people back in for the rest of April and May. You can even use these in the summer months!

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1. Kids Sports Clinic

Your congregation for those who currently coach or played a sport in their youth that would be willing to run a half-day or daylong clinic. With so many families putting their children in sports, this is a great way to meet new people and have some fun! You can keep the skill level (and age) to whatever makes sense for those running the clinic. While many paid clinics and camps exist, this idea can serve those with children just getting started or those without the means to attend paid options.

2. Community Service Day

More than likely, you have organizations your church has partnered with and have members regularly volunteering. Why not dedicate a whole day to gathering up a larger team of volunteers to help them with whatever projects they have on their wish list? Your day could focus on painting, yardwork, reorganizing storage rooms, etc. Not only does the organization benefit, but it also exposes more people to different aspects of the community. What an opportunity to stretch hearts through service!

3. Booth space at community events

Festival season tends to start in the spring! If you aren’t already aware of major events in your area, check out local community calendars and see if you can have a presence there. As these likely require a fee to attend, find out the rate and see if there’s a non-profit rate you can use. Find out as much as you can about those who typically attend and have an activity that will draw them in to engage with you. Face painting, simple games, and other ideas promoted with great signage will attract folks.

4. Community concert/open mic

Depending on your community and talents found in your congregation, you can put on a show featuring local artists and singers. Whether you want to encourage artists from a variety of backgrounds or focus solely on those who sing Christian songs is up to you and your overall outreach/missional goals.

5. Spring outreach food-related event

Whether it’s hot dogs, strawberries, or another local favorite, food draws in a crowd. Pair it with music from idea #4, and you can have a fun afternoon! Plus, with an opportunity to invite attendees to your church or to take baby steps towards Jesus, this hospitality-focused event can give your church both exposure and an opening to walk with people in faith.

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6. Parent/child events

These ever-popular events come in all shapes and sizes! They started as dances and seem to have evolved to include scavenger hunts, crafts, painting, and more!

7. Spring photo session with local photographer

This one works before or after the Easter holiday! Families, couples (and even pet owners!) enjoy the opportunity for a free, quick photo in their finest emailed or otherwise digitally available shortly after that. Find a local photographer that can take the pictures and allow them to have promotional materials available for anyone to pick up.

8. Cheer on runners at a local race (or have a team in the race!)

Community races build up a sense of togetherness and raise awareness. Your church can show support in two ways. First, you can find a corner or stretch of road to encourage runners through cheers, cowbells, or signs with scripture and other encouragement. For longer races, see if they need volunteers to help with water stations. You can have a small team of people working together in a valuable way. Second, you can have a group of people participate, especially for a 5K. 

Pro Tip #1: Don’t forget to wear your church gear/church merch! Not only does this help to unify your volunteer group, but it also helps others identify your church as one that’s active in the community. Some at your spring outreach event will engage with you directly, others will hang back and observe. This small act helps everyone involved to connect the name of your church with caring, hospitality, and more!

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