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The Firm Foundations Marketing team has worked with church planters, in revitalization contexts, and partnered with megachurches all around the country to help their church become relevant and mission-driven in their community. In 2023 alone, we worked with churches across 20 different states.

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We believe every church exists for a purpose and a people

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“The clarity and alignment your expertise brought to our church community are genius. Your coaching and insights have not only resonated with our congregation but have also confirmed that we’re on the right path. Your heart and experience are invaluable to us.”

Pastor Doug Bartsch, HISplace Family Church

They really took the time to get to know our church, understand our needs, and present very practical next steps.

David Bass

Executive Pastor, Carmel Baptist Church

They discovered our mission and our passions. With such care and professionalism, they provided an overall marketing strategy to help us reach the people God have called us to reach. They “got” us! This was one of the best investments our church has made. ELMI has been branded and the church body is excited to resolve our identified obstacles and move  our ministry forward.

Angela Williams

Pastor, Empowered Love Ministries International

THANK YOU Tammy and Tyler for serving our church well by the excellent and thorough report!
Paul Spilker

Lead Executive Pastor, College Park Church

The booklet developed for our community is a treasure trove of actionable information we can begin applying immediately. We know our community better so we can serve our community better.

Jesse Lofton

Lead Pastor, Carpenter's Way

That’s our church!

[In reference to the Firm Foundations signature ideal audience research product]

Doug Bartsch

Lead Pastor, HISplace Family Church

For the last year this amazing duo has been helping up my marketing skills for FBC Alexandria! Thanks for being my personal cheerleaders and encouraging big growth from all of us! We’ve also had many new families joining us on Sundays over the past 8 weeks.

Erin Rexroth

Communications Director, First Baptist Church of Alexandria

We’re getting such a strong response to so many things. I haven’t heard “we didn’t know about that” in a long time.

Amy Chin

Communications Director, Carmel Baptist Church

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