Church marketing helps grow your church. But you have so many other things to do! Even when you love what you do but find yourself pulled in too many directions for too long, you have a hard time giving your core duties the attention they deserve. We hear you.

Get your time back.

Are you a a pastor, staff member, or volunteer and somehow find yourself being charged with handling your church marketing and communications efforts when you either don’t have the time or necessary skills to do it well? You’re not alone. We see that in organizations big and small – regardless of budget or staff. It doesn’t have to be that way. We are here to alleviate those unnecessary stress points so that you can have more time in your day focus on what you do best.

Budget-friendly solutions.

Could you afford a six-figure marketer? How about two? If you’re like most people the answer is “no” (or an emphatic “NO!”…or maybe it was more like a spit-orange-juice-out-your-nose-laughing-at-the-notion no).  With our tailored packages we put together a church marketing plan based on prioritizing your needs and budget. Regardless of pricepoint or contract duration, you always get the same strong team supporting you – and that is a million-dollar idea that you can leverage.

Why you need an expert.

Okay, so we get the whole “overworked” thing but let’s face it – sometimes it’s as simple as you just don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you need an expert. You need somebody who lives and breathes this stuff. You need a marketing partner that has vast experience to pull from and that keeps up with best practices and latest trends. You need someone that can be hands on and take charge when needed but also be able to integrate seamlessly alongside your current staff to produce an effective result. That solution is the expert team at Firm Foundations Marketing.

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