Get aligned with what people need and grow your church

Reach more of the right people with the right message
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Guessing has gotten you nowhere

…except confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed


Your church isn't growing


new people aren't sticking


Googling All your problems


Copying other churches


Wasting limited resources


no idea why things aren't working

guessing is costing you

When you really know people, it changes everything


Know your audience

Get deep insights to understand your people better than ever


focus your ministry

Get a cohesive plan that aligns your ministry, message, and methods


share hope with more people

Increase your impact while focusing your methods

Become relevant and see more people engaged in your mission

Tammy and Tyler, the Firm Foundations Marketing team

your church consultants

Since 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of churches bridge the gap of marketing and ministry

When you understand what’s going on in the lives of who you’re trying to reach, everything else comes into focus.

  • Your message gets clearer
  • Your ministry becomes more intentional
  • Your connections becomes stronger

By following the process used by church plants to megachurches all over the country, you’ll break through irrelevancy and reach more people with the hope of the gospel.

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What Clients Are Saying

They really took the time to get to know our church, understand our needs, and present very practical next steps.

David Bass

Executive Pastor, Carmel Baptist Church

They discovered our mission and our passions. With such care and professionalism, they provided an overall marketing strategy to help us reach the people God have called us to reach. They “got” us! This was one of the best investments our church has made. ELMI has been branded and the church body is excited to resolve our identified obstacles and move  our ministry forward.

Angela Williams

Pastor, Empowered Love Ministries International

THANK YOU Tammy and Tyler for serving our church well by the excellent and thorough report!
Paul Spilker

Lead Executive Pastor, College Park Church

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Our team will put together a plan customized to your context and goals


Increase Your Impact

Become more relevant and engage more people in your misison


Your context matters. That’s why we always start with audience research. Our proprietary ideal audience research process matches your goals and church DNA with the people living in your community to discover who you’ll naturally connect with best and what they need. Used by church plants to megachurches all over the US this unique process is essential to bridging the gap of ministry and marketing.

Church revitalization

Diagnose your situation, discover your next steps, deploy a renewed vision

Church consulting & coaching

Get guidance and a plan through workshops and one-on-one coaching

church marketing

Increase your relevance with a revamped website, new brand, and communications

Your mission is too important to just keep guessing what will work

Uncover your Overlooked Strengths

Finally know the people your church should serve to see more engagement!

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