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people are digital, disconnected and dispersed

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Does this sound like your church?


You aren't connecting with new people


Your church doesn't reflect the diversity of the nearby community


You want to help people but don't know how


Social media engagement is down


In-person service attendance is stagnant


Church online attendance is declining

Break Out of the Echo Chamber

Solutions to connect with your community



digital secret guest

A comprehensive look at more than 500 points of execution to help your church reach its potential online across five key categories. Includes website, social media, search presence, your church online service, and guest engagement & follow-up.


community catalyst workshops

Stuck in an echo chamber and don’t know what you don’t know? Or worse, is what you think you know different than what’s really going on in your community? With Community Insights, powered by MissionInsite, and our guided implementation workshops, we help your church take a leap forward in effectively reaching your community.


church marketing consulting

On-going support to help your church get unstuck and reach, engage, and retain more people through better communication. Don’t fall behind with the assurance and guidance of our team supporting yours.

You don’t have to have all the answers

we’re here to bridge the gap

Our team is passionate about The Great Commission. With more than 30 years of combined expertise, our church marketing consultants love helping churches like yours get to know their community better and develop strategies that will resonate with them so your church can begin to grow again.

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The devil’s in the details. It’s time to do something about it!

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Where ministry meets marketing

You might be surprised to hear us say this, but great marketing alone isn’t a magical solution.


It’s not the latest tools that matter – it’s PEOPLE that matter. We help you unlock your church’s growth potential by taking a fresh look at your calling, your community, and your communications. We’ll give you the tools to align your message and maximize your ministry in order to bring growth back to your church.

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What church leaders like you say

For the last year this amazing duo has been helping up my marketing skills for FBC Alexandria! Thanks for being my personal cheerleaders and encouraging big growth from all of us!

Erin Rexroth

Communications Director, First Baptist Church of Alexandria

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6 ways your church can

thrive with community insights

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