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How great would it be to have a website that reflects your church, delights visitors, and allows for easy updates?

Imagine how your website can be a great resource for both potential visitors and current church attendees.

With a blend of technical know-how, marketing expertise, and incorporation of current church site best practices, your site can be the jumping-off point for so many in their faith.

Sounds good, right?

How do we make that happen?

Form + Function

Our process covers both the tech and design side of web development.


Your site should look like your church! We develop a look based on your branding, fonts, and other materials. 


Security certificates, tagging, files sizes, redirects and more all help your site to meet search engine criteria and meet users expectations, especially for mobile viewing.


We work with the future in mind. That’s why we build managed WordPress sites using Divi – both widely used options that continue to evolve and adapt. 


As your communications hub, knowing how your audience interacts is key. That’s why we install Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels so you can turn data into action.

Get a fresh digital start to your church marketing and communications.

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First Roanoke

Roanoke, VA

First Roanoke already had a WordPress site, yet needed it to be easier for staff to update.

We implemented the Divi builder, allowing the look to stay the same while the site upgraded seamlessly on the backend.

We also added tracking to support and improved communications efforts.

What we loved about this build – the ease of building out pages translated to more page links in social and email marketing messages.

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