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The Great Commission calls us to go out. Our church marketing consultants help you to better reach, engage, and retain people when you do.
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Church sure looks different right now, doesn’t it?

Maybe a huge swath of your congregation is gone. Maybe you’ve, like many of us, struggled to embrace change. Or maybe despite a strong faith, you find yourself fighting feelings of doubt in this season not knowing where to begin.

As you look around at empty seats and dwindling live stream comments, you find yourself asking “Why, God?”

A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch
Empty pews in a church spaced out for COVID

The truth of the gospel never waivers. but people do.

You can’t afford to stay the same. You can’t afford to live in your comfort zone. As a church leader, if you want to be a catalyst that brings the message of eternal life-change to your community, you have to first break out of the echo chamber of familiar voices and truly get to know your community.

Your Community Needs you!

people are digital, disconnected and dispersed

Woman wearing mask outside during the COVID-19 pandemic

Does this sound like your church?


You aren't connecting with new people


Your church doesn't reflect the diversity of the nearby community


You want to help people but don't know how


Social media engagement is down


In-person service attendance is stagnant


Church online attendance is declining

Where ministry meets marketing

You might be surprised to hear us say this, but great marketing alone isn’t a magical solution.


It’s not the latest tools that matter – it’s PEOPLE that matter. We help you unlock your church’s growth potential by taking a fresh look at your calling, your community, and your communications. We’ll give you the tools to align your message and maximize your ministry in order to bring growth back to your church.

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Solutions to help your church

reach, engage, and retain more people

Digital Church Secret Guest Experience

What’s a guest experiencing when they try to find and engage with your church online? Our 500+ point digital assessment audits your website, your online search presence, your social media, your online service, as well as guest engagement. With our digital secret guest experience, you’ll receive the perspective of a first-time guest with the actionable insights of a professional so that you can prioritize the big gaps and the easy wins that can help you start connecting with people.

A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch
A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch
A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch

Church Foundations Catalyst

Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, and Church Communications leaders get a deep dive into what makes the surrounding community tick – a key to engaging and re-engaging those around you. In our Community Catalyst Workshop, we’ll walk you through some incredible community insights that can shape everything from your church’s vision to outreach ministries to how you craft weekly sermons and other messaging for maximum impact. Then we’ll help you draft a three-part strategy to reach, engage, and retain those in your community. Also includes a Secret Guest experience and a month of coaching access to further support you.

A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch

Church Building Blocks Plan

For senior leaders looking for a total overhaul, we help you build upon the Secret Guest and Foundations Catalyst by adding in a comprehensive communications audit, a church insights report (know your congregation better than ever before), and getting extended coaching access for 3 months. It’s everything you need to better understand your audience and how to clear the clutter and right-size your communications so you can re-launch successfully.

A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch
A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch

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6 ways your church can

thrive with community insights

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