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Audience research into who your church is designed to reach and what they need from you


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Branding, websites, and church communication strategies proven to resonate


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Fuel your church’s vision with the right message for the right audience in the right place

misalignment and missing plans have your church stuck

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new people aren't sticking


No core message


Copying other churches


Trying things that don't work

You shouldn’t have to guess what works or what people need from you

tailored to your church

Marketing & Communications Solutions for Churches

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Looking to level up your church marketing and church communications without playing guessing games? Our experienced team is passionate about helping the local church bridge the gap of marketing and ministry.

Since 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of pastors, church leaders, and church communication directors navigate their church marketing and communications challenges in order to increase their impact and grow their church.


Church Websites


Church Branding


Messaging Strategy


Psychographic research


Communications coaching


Church Consulting

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Ideal Audience Research

Our signature solution for psychographic research designed to help your church get clear on who you naturally can reach well in your community, how they live their lives, and what they need from you.

When your  church communications and marketing strategies are based on research, Pastors and Church Communications Directors can confidently bridge marketing and ministry to move forward.

A man in a cap and glasses gives a presentation in a classroom, focusing on church consulting. Two attendees are seated in the audience, with one taking notes attentively.

Church Communication consulting & coaching

Every church has blind spots and you’re too close to things to identify all of them on your own. That’s why we help you identify your opportunities with objective, expert-led assessments and next steps plans.

Whether we’re doing one-on-one coaching alongside your senior pastor or Director of Communications or conducting a workshop with your whole team, we’ll guide your leaders through proven frameworks tailored to your church’s goals so that you can maximize your church’s impact.

A man in a cap and glasses gives a presentation in a classroom, focusing on church consulting. Two attendees are seated in the audience, with one taking notes attentively.
The responsive church website+ displays seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens, showcasing the message: "Where you can find faith, hope, and guidance for your family." Perfect for church marketing and communication needs, with options like "Plan your Visit" and "Directions.

Church Marketing (Websites and Branding)

Bridge the gap between marketing and ministry. Break through irrelevancy with a revived brand, relaunched website, and new language that communicates your mission and how you help in a clear and highly relevant way.

You can finally stop copying other churches and get right-sized solutions based on your church, who you are designed to reach, and what they need from you.

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“The clarity and alignment your expertise brought to our church community are genius. Your coaching and insights have not only resonated with our congregation but have also confirmed that we’re on the right path. Your heart and experience are invaluable to us.”

Pastor Doug Bartsch, HISplace Family Church

Your church exists for a purpose and a people

We’re here to help you bridge the gap between marketing and ministry

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✔️ objective assessment

There are lots of “good” ideas out there that can make it hard as a leader to identify the “great”. Our research-based approach give you a clear plan designed to resonate.

✔️ Clear Priorities

Overwhelm can be crippling. We help you identify the easy wins and the long-term targets so you can prayerfully make progress with confidence.

✔️ get a plan and a coach

Sometimes circumstances change or you have a question – or you just need encouragement to stay the cours. Our consultants guide you with tools and expertise so you can focus on leading well.

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