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An objective look at what you're doing well and what's preventing you from connecting with more people
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We assess both the in-person and online experience



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You’re too close to see the issue(s)


If you’re like most church leaders, you’re so close to the inner workings and so far removed from a “normal” experience, that it’s truly impossible for you to get an objective view of things.

But what you do know is:


Fewer guest are coming


new people aren't sticking


your building is confusing


the website could be better

why is it happening?

It’s time to find out

An expert look, a comprehensive plan

Your Church Secret Guest assessment will evaluate the key areas impacting your ability to connect with both new guests and existing church members.

✔️ Digital Experience

Websites and social media presence.

✔️ Facility, Wayfinding, & Signage

Condition, navigation, and consistency.

✔️ Hospitality

Authenticity, awareness, and clarity.

✔️ Worship

Quality, guest connection, and more.

✔️ Comprehensive Report

Easy-to-follow report identifying what to keep doing, what to improve, what to start doing, and what to stop doing.

✔️ Clear Next Steps

Know exactly what steps to take to move forward.

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Firm Foundations Marketing is a church marketing and communications consulting agency that specializes in helping churches get healthy and build engaged communities. Church plants to megachurches have trusted our expert team to help guide them to improve their communication so they can reach more people with the hope of the gospel

Tammy and Tyler, the Firm Foundations Marketing team

Pastor Doug's Experience

“The clarity and alignment your expertise brought to our church community are genius. Your coaching and insights have not only resonated with our congregation but have also confirmed that we’re on the right path. Your heart and experience are invaluable to us.”

Pastor Doug Bartsch, HISplace Family Church

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A tablet screen displaying a "Church Culture Checklist" with checkboxes and ratings. Red arrows point to text indicating insights about reaching people, reasons for guest loss, and missed opportunities—key elements in church revitalization.

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