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Hire a church marketing consultant and get a comprehensive guest experience audit with actionable next steps so you can start reaching more people every week.

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Your digital presence is a critical entry point for  guests.

but it’s so hard to keep up with best practices for it all:

You're connecting with fewer new people

you don't know what you don't know

you need a "fresh set of eyes" to give you a clear direction

Best practices are constantly changing

Your metrics are going in the wrong direction but you don't know why

Guests & Members aren't engaging online

Our consultants dive into areas that

impact your church growth like:



Church Website Audit

Find out what’s preventing your website from engaging more first-time guests and how to fix it.


Search Engine Presence

Learn how you can be found online, rank, and be helpful to people looking for a church!


Social Media Audit

The average Facebook post is seen by 5% of your followers. Level-up your social media game in practical ways that give your church the visibility it needs.


Church Online Evaluation

We help you identify easy wins that can make your online service more engaging.


Guest Follow-Up

Little things make a big difference. We take a look at how you engage guests at critical digital entry points.

We assess 500+ criteria to develop your action plan!

Stop playing guessing games

Get answers to things like:


Why can’t people find my church on Google?


Why isn’t my church website connecting with guests?


What should our church social media look like?


How do I make my church online service more engaging?


How can my church connect with more guests online?

A family participating in church online while sitting on the couch

500+ criteria to help more people connect with your church

What church leaders like you say

For the last year this amazing duo has been helping up my marketing skills for FBC Alexandria! Thanks for being my personal cheerleaders and encouraging big growth from all of us!

Erin Rexroth

Communications Director, First Baptist Church of Alexandria

how the process works


Schedule a Consultation

Learn more about how we can help your church and book your secret guest date.


Get an action plan

After experiencing your church, your consultant will craft an action plan to help you move forward.


Reach more people

Implement your customized action plan to reach, engage, and retain more people.

You don’t have to have all the answers

We’re here to bridge the gap!

Our team is passionate about The Great Commission. With more than 30 years of combined expertise, our church marketing consultants love helping churches like yours get to know their community better and develop strategies that will resonate with them so your church can begin to grow again.

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