How To Fix Your Generic and Boring Church Website

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Research, Strategy, Website

Your church’s website is the first point of contact for potential guestss. Unfortunately, what too many people encounter is generic and boring. 

Even great tools, like the Plan A Visit form, aren’t enough to engage them. 

Take a moment to imagine how many potential guests are visiting your website and finding more of the same church messaging.

When we attempt to appeal to everyone, that’s when what we say in our messaging falls flat and lacks that intriguing, compelling element that guides a guest to make the decision to check out your church.

By being generic and appealing to everyone, church websites don’t feel inviting. They instead feel irrelevant.

Generic and Boring Makes Church Websites Irrelevant

In today’s distracted, post-Christian culture we have to break through irrelevancy. And how we break through that irrelevancy is by being intentional about the website messaging.

When you’re intentional, you make space for someone to say, “they get me.”

What they read on your website is relevant to their lives right now. Your church becomes memorable. And to have a potential guest thinking about your church – that’s an irreplaceable step on the path from potential guest to first-time guest.

So – how do you do that? 

Here’s how you become intentional, memorable, and irreplaceable 👇

The Ministry Reset Bundle includes professional messaging tailored to your Ideal Audiences, such as your coffee shop talk, one-liner, tagline, and keywords and phrases. These tools will help you make your church website stand out, be memorable, and connect with your community.

This all comes directly from the research, workshop, and professional messaging found in the Bundle. 

What You Get In The Ministry Reset Bundle

  • Clarity as you discover your church’s Ideal Audiences
  • 1-on-1 Messaging Workshop with our team (with 30+ years of combined experience!)
  • Customized Brand & Audience Messaging to connect with your audiences
  • Website homepage wireframe with your new messaging strategically laid out
  • Strategic tools to help prioritize & make changes fast

Normally $1,997, you can now get the Ministry Reset bundle for $997.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revamp your church’s website messaging and reach more people in your community.

Get the Ministry Reset Bundle today and start making a difference.