become the church that connects with your community in a way that matters

Tailored community research with customized plans to move from market data to making disciples.
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See more people engaging in the mission and vision of your church


Get clarity about where to focus your staff, money, and time


Become a strong and influential voice in your community

Stop wasting money on things that don’t matter to your community

God has called you to serve and save your community and it’s your job to steward the church’s resources well in pursuit of that goal.

But tactics and cookie-cutter solutions just feel like a guessing game and you end up wasting a lot of money and time because you don’t have a deep understanding of who is in your community and what matters to them.

You can change that!

Empty pews in a church spaced out for COVID

become more intentional


Develop relevant ministries

Uncover the needs and lifestyles of your neighbors to create practical ways to take the gospel to them


clarify communications

Correct misallignments in your messaging and branding so you can increase engagement


maximize your resources

Stop chasing tactics that aren’t rooted in what your community needs from you – get a customized plan that increases engagement for your church in your community.

gain confidence and clarity as you lead

Community Research brings the needs to life so you can speak to their hearts


crippling indecision?

Leading a church is hard work – especially when you’re trying to make decisions totally blind. Constant uncertainty or the unwillingness to be bold can cripple your church. Community research informs you so you can fulfill God’s call for your church with enthusiasm and confidence.


Seeking healthy change?

New building, new music, or new ministry? There are lots of “good” things out there that can make it hard, as a leader, to identify the “great”. Community research gives you the confidence to lead through change.


surviving a pandemic?

Every church was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. For some, that meant a drastic change in who and how the church is now engaging. If you feel like you’ve lost touch with your congregants and don’t know why things aren’t working anymore, research can help you bridge the gap.

No matter your starting point…

Our consultants come alongside and guide you through the
hardest part – implementation so you can see transformation.

Your message is too important
for it to go unheard


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We’ll discuss your community, your goals, needs, and walk you through how the process works.


We get to work

Once we understand your goals, needs, and budget, we’ll get to work doing the market research of your community and how your church might have the greatest impact and engagement.


Grow your church and make disciples

We create a resource about your community and teach your staff to understand and leverage that research to speak directly to the heart of the people around you.

We help churches understand the true needs and heart of their communities so they can maximize their discipleship strategies, grow their church, and become the steady light their community needs.

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your church doesn’t need another
cookie-cutter “solution”

Churches are struggling to figure out how they can make the most impact on their communities and use their resources wisely. The problem is, churches need help identifying relevant and helpful information to really understand the people in their communities – which takes a lot of time and resources from church budgets and staffs that are already stretched thin. Our team of experts takes the burden off your staff by helping you dive deep into the heart of your community through research then training your staff to use that research to build custom strategies so you always know exactly where your efforts will be best spent without wasting any more precious resources on things that aren’t working.