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Helping church leaders turn struggling congregations into healthy churches and engaged communities
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your church doesn’t have to die

…but things can’t stay the same


declining attendance


aging congregation


Inactive in the community



stagnation is a death sentence

Knowing where to start doesn’t have to overhwhelm you


Diagnose your situation

Robust assessments to identify your challenges and your opportunities


discover your next steps

You don’t need reports, you need a plan and a guide to help you make change


deploy a renewed vision

We’ll help you with your branding, website, and more

find your confidence

You need a comprehensive plan not a silver bullet

Let’s address the elephant in the room – revitalization is hard work. You know what’s harder? Doing it on your own with a figure-it-out-as-we-go “plan”.

The Ministry Reset Process is a comprehensive plan built on our experience in helping hundreds of churches bridge the gap between marketing and ministry.

You’ll be guided through a consulting process beginning with a series of assessments to discover where you church is today and where it’s headed.

Then, we’ll identify your low-hanging fruit and opportunities with our signature ideal audience research solution. From there, you’ll get on-site and hands-on guidance with your team to give you unmatched clarity on the path ahead. To further support you in your journey, we’ll develop a plan together and coach you through implementation.

Finally, we help you launch a renewed brand, a revive message, revamped website to make sure when people experience your church, they experience clarity and a mission they can’t wait to buy into.

Infographic titled "The Ministry Reset Process" detailing three phases: Diagnose, discover your church’s trajectory and key tools; Adjust, boost clarity and church website strategy; and Deploy, align branding and professional appearance with the help of a church consultant for effective church revitalization.
A group of people stands in front of a chalkboard with sticky notes during a discussion led by a church consultant, who points to a drawn diagram of a boat.
A man in a cap and glasses gives a presentation in a classroom, focusing on church consulting. Two attendees are seated in the audience, with one taking notes attentively.

your church revitalization consultants

Since 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of churches bridge the gap of marketing and ministry

When you understand what’s going on in the lives of who you’re trying to reach, everything else comes into focus.

  • Your message gets clearer
  • Your ministry becomes more intentional
  • Your connections becomes stronger

By following the process used by church plants to megachurches all over the country, you’ll break through irrelevancy and reach more people with the hope of the gospel.

Listen to what Pastor Doug has to say

“The clarity and alignment your expertise brought to our church community are genius. Your coaching and insights have not only resonated with our congregation but have also confirmed that we’re on the right path. Your heart and experience are invaluable to us.”

Pastor Doug Bartsch, HISplace Family Church

The Ministry Reset Process is built different

Too many church consultants don’t know how to bridge ministry and marketing. Our expertise and unique approach is designed to be comprehensive.

Five people seated around a table writing on cards, with various supplies scattered on the table. A bulletin board in the background reads "LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE" as part of the church revitalization efforts featured on the church website.

✔️ objective assessment

There are lots of “good” ideas out there that can make it hard as a leader to identify the “great”. Our research-based approach give you a clear plan designed to resonate.

✔️ Clear Priorities

Overwhelm can be crippling. We help you identify the easy wins and the long-term targets so you can prayerfully make progress with confidence.

✔️ get a plan and a coach

Sometimes circumstances change or you have a question – or you just need encouragement to stay the cours. Our consultants guide you with tools and expertise so you can focus on leading well.

break through irrelevancy

Revitalize your church


Book a call

You’ll meet with a consultant to determine if your church is a good fit for The Ministry Reset Process


start your journey

Once we’ve agreed that The Ministry Reset is the right fit for you, we’ll onboard you and commence with Phase 1.


Pursue the pathway to Growth

Get a plan tailored to your church and a coach that knows your community, your congregation, and what you need to get healthy and grow

Bridge the gap of marketing and ministry with the Ministry Reset Process

Uncover your top church revitalization challenge

Every church falls into one of six categories

Take the Revitalization Profile Quiz to find out where your biggest area of focus needs to be.

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