Recommended Resources

If you want to tackle some aspects of
digital marketing on your own,
these companies will treat you right.

Web resources

Firm Foundations Marketing receives a commission if you make a purchase using the referral links below.


Secure Managed WordPress and Email Hosting Packages

Great pricing and service for Managed WordPress hosting. Seriously.

Lots of the bells and whistles you want for your site hosting, including email hosting, CDN, and top-rated customer service.

Divi Extended

Divi child themse and plug-ins

Save time by using these customized packs as a jumping-off point for your website.

The folks with Elicus Technologies offer Divi Extended. Make your Divi experience even easier with child themes that match your industry’s look or boost your site’s functionality.

Images, fonts, colors, all the things – you just need to add your content and tweak to make it yours!

Series Engine

Effortless Sermon Archives and Podcasting

Upload video, audio. Organize media by the speaker or series. Include key scripture verses. 

Searchable and shareable for you and your congregation.

Works for podcasting.

And it looks great! This premium WordPress plug-in is easy to use and does it all. 


Faster site speed by compressing and optimizing images.

Search engines and users alike want faster site speed. Make your life easier by using ShortPixel. We do! And we use the WordPress Plug-in too.

ShortPixel uses both lossy and lossless optimization boasts a file compression rate up to 90% (!), and works with most file formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP). 

Options include buying by credits or by the month. The credit packages work for most of our clients. If you aren’t sure, we’d be happy to chat and point you in the right direction.

Graphic and video resources

Firm Foundations Marketing receives a commission if you make a purchase using the referral links below.

Church Media Squad
Affordable Monthly Plans

Custom Graphics. For a look as unique as your church.

Why did you get into ministry?
Was it to…

𝐚) Watch Photoshop Tutorials?
𝐛) Tell the World About Jesus? 

If you answered 𝐁 then it’s time to say, “Bye-bye Photoshop!”

Our friends over at Church Media Squad will make you UNLIMITED CUSTOM GRAPHICS for the next 14 Days. Completely FREE! 🆓🆓🆓

Get back to ministry and stop wasting time watching tutorials. Get your FREE trial today!

Church Media Squad
Unlimited & Video Plans

Get back 10+ hours of your week. Every week. (Sounds great, right?)

✅ Get a whole team of designers for less than the cost of one staff member.

✅ Stop feeling overwhelmed by your workload.

✅ End the constant hustle.

✅ Ditch the templates and get custom, from-scratch graphics.

✅ Invest more time designing your ministry instead of designing artwork.

✅ Feel proud of the work you present to your boss or pastor.

Get your FREE trial today!

Christian stock photography that’s not cheesy.

Lightstock can provide you with quality stock photography and all kinds of templates in a pinch.

Great for small budget churches or those with a dedicated designer that needs a little help or inspiration for the next card, brochure, etc. 

Affordable credit and subscription packages fit any size budget and ministry team needs.


Commerical stock photography

We’ve used Dreamstime for years back at our corporate jobs. As a general, commercial stock photo/video site, you’ll find more general graphics here.

Also great for campaigns where you want to use the same model for consistency and storytelling purposes.

Both free and paid images available.

Paid options include credit packages or monthly subscriptions, depending on volume and frequency.

Communications resources

Firm Foundations Marketing receives a commission if you make a purchase using the referral links below.

Text In Church

Effective, automated guest follow-up tool and planning

With only 1 in 10 guests typically coming back, this program gives busy church leaders with the tools and a plan to follow up CONSISTENTLY and AUTOMATICALLY so they can spend time building relationships.

Their plan takes care of sending out the messages you’ve approved, and allow you to respond should a visitor have a question. Best of both worlds!

BONUS: Using this link, you’ll get an additional 500 messages/year – FOR LIFE!