Web Audit

How is your site performing? Where is your audience coming from? What is their experience when they visit? If you can't answer these questions, we can help!
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Ensure your site is customer ready for the traffic your digital marketing drives there with our blend of reporting and page by page review.

  A web audit will allow you to identify and address issues related to SEO, mobile, user experience – and better understand what users are doing on your site. We’ll also help you assess how well your site aligns to your goals and how it’s performing relative to your marketplace.  
  • SEO recommendations: tagging issues, broken links, etc.
  • Mobile load time on 3G and 4G networks, and ID’ing what may be slowing your site down.
  • Page by page analysis: typos and other editing, user experience, and navigation.
  • In-Depth Google Analytics reporting and user behavior by Google Analytics IQ certified professionals. Need at least three months’ worth of Google Analytics data.