Planning for 2023? Here are 23 Things Your Church Needs To Think About. 

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Strategy

What’s on the horizon for church communications in 2023?

In working with several churches this year, common themes emerged – and grew stronger. Those themes also appeared in conversations with peers and church communications thought leaders. Based on the research, the discussions, and the overall culture we find ourselves in, what next year will look like is coming into view. 

As you plan for 2023, here are 23 things your church needs to consider when it comes to communication and connecting with people. 

Websites and Search

  1. Home pages (and websites) will become less generic. 
  2. Getting found on Google will continue to evolve and incorporate more platforms, videos, etc. Essentially, all the content types that answer people’s questions. 


3. Shift outreach efforts to better meet today’s community needs (serve in a way they need today, not because it’s what you’ve always done).

4. More focused, intentional community impact. 

5. Shift social media from an inward bulletin board to an external, ministry-driven resource. 

6. Active engagement on social media.

7. Social media as the essential communication tool to drive community awareness. 

8. Stronger community partnerships with non-profits and local agencies. 

9. Further exploration of metaverse strategies and environments.

10. Growth and sophistication of online worship. 

Guest Connection and Follow-Up

11. Improving guest connection points (digital and analog).

12. Improving guest communication.

Engaging People to Inspire Action

13. Reconnecting and rediscovering the people regularly attending.

14. Volunteer recruitment through stories and recognizing personal needs.  

15. Going beyond “join a small group” to share more about the format, purpose, and what leaders are like.

16. Inspire mission-driven giving through stories. 

Relevant Communication

17. Refreshed messaging that shifts from inward to outward. 

18. Modernizing guest communication to guide connection.

19. Refreshing member communication to guide through discipleship.

20. The continued rise of texting for prayer/discipleship as it complements email. 

21. Increased use of short videos on social and websites. 

22. Importance of storytelling to capture attention. 

23. More focus on clear messaging to encourage engagement and action. 

Apply to your church communications planning for 2023

More than likely, your church is knocking a few of these out of the park. Yet others need a refresh.

And that’s ok! That’s why you’re reading over this list now.

Plan for making strong connections today so that your church can communicate well to a community that needs you in the coming year!

Know your church needs to engage people better in 2023, and aren’t sure how to craft the right words and strategies? Our team can help. Schedule a call today.