Do This Before Updating Your Church Website

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Website


What would you do if this post was written in Mandarin? Portuguese? Hindi?

How about if I went rambling on about something I’m passionate about but that you can’t connect with — and doesn’t help you tackle the struggles you’re experiencing?

Or what if I asked you to do 7 very different things with the hope of wowing you with options?

Probably wouldn’t get too far, huh?

Common issues on many church websites

Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY how many churches talk to their neighbors on their church website:

  • Confusing language
  • Disconnected from what people are dealing with
  • With no clear, singular next step — resulting in overwhelm and inaction

You know your website needs an overhaul, but how do you make sure it goes to work for you?

The three things your site needs to do

An effective website reflects not only who you are but connects with who you serve. To do that, it needs to accomplish three things:

  1. Reflect your church’s DNA. This isn’t just a tagline. A confusing or unclear message is one people can’t embrace, and that’s a breeding ground for inaction and disappointment.
  2. Connect that DNA in a relevant way to the people you’re called to serve. You can’t do this in a bubble. You need to truly get to know the people in your surrounding community and how they live their lives – their backgrounds, lifestyles, struggles, and preferences.
  3. Call them to action. Once people know who you are, feel that you “get them,” and that your church can improve their life, you need to prompt them to take the next step.

If you can’t clearly define who you are or why you’re relevant to your community, a redesign alone is wasting your money. It would only address the tip of the iceberg.

If that’s you, the good news is that you’re not stuck.

Our team has spent more than 20 years helping leaders leverage community-specific research to develop strategies that connect and communicate in highly-relevant ways.

So before you go building that new website, make sure it’s built on a firm foundation.

After all, those same insights you’ll learn and the strategies we’ll develop together, can be used in every ministry and method in your church.

You’ll quickly have concepts you can deploy in:

  • Sermons
  • Marketing plans
  • Announcements
  • Ministry development
  • Service opportunities
  • Vision-casting
  • And, of course, your church website…and more!

When you have a plan that empowers you to speak in a highly relevant way, more people are reached, the gospel is heard, and lives are transformed.

Have a website redesign on your to-do list? Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to learn how you can get a website that’s a game-changer for your church – and your community.

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