Church Rebrand: What To Know, And Why You Might Need One

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Branding

We talk with churches all the time who are doing all the “right” things to get visitors and make them stick around: throwing great events, following up with new guests, coaching their people to be welcoming…

But they have terrible luck getting anyone to stay and become part of their church.

A common culprit? Their church’s brand.

In the first few seconds someone interacts with your church (whether online or in person), they’re forming an impression of what it’s like to attend there.

Your brand is either going to tell them they could belong, or it’s going to encourage them to turn away.

(And if it’s confusing… It’s probably going to turn them away.)

That’s why, if you need to change up your church’s branding, it’s incredibly important to do it carefully.

Read: you shouldn’t settle for simply hiring a graphic designer to make you a new logo.  

If you want to see real, lasting change in how people perceive your church, it needs to be rooted in an understanding of your ideal audience – the people in your community your church is best equipped to reach, minister to, and serve.

What’s A Church Brand? Why Is It So Important?

Every church has a brand – whether they think about it often, or not.

In the first few seconds someone interacts with your church, they’re figuring out what it’s like to attend there.

Your brand gives them the information they need to decide if it’s a place they could belong – which means there’s a great opportunity here. It includes things like: 

  • your story
  • the words you use
  • how you engage with individuals, and your community
  • as well as visuals like your logo, name, colors, fonts, etc.

If your church’s brand really speaks to the people you’re called to reach, then it’s going to be much easier to get them to show up on a Sunday and become part of your family.

You just need to make sure that your brand resonates with them.

What Makes A Successful Church Rebrand?

At its core, rebranding is about changing the way people in your local community see you:

  • If they are confused, a rebrand will bring clarity.
  • If they are looking for a church like yours, it will help them recognize you instantly.
  • And, if they wouldn’t like being part of your church, a rebrand will tell them that, too.

Your rebrand should help you attract your ideal audience to your church. To do that, it needs to be authentic to you.

Church rebrands always include some sort of change in marketing– new logos, new words, and cohesion in your ministries.

However, a good rebrand will go deeper.  It will help you reach people in your local community more effectively by leaning into the ways you’re uniquely positioned to serve.

Get Your New Brand Started Off Right

Ultimately, you’ll know a rebrand has been successful if it helps you reach & retain the people in your ideal audience.

That’s why, when you’re considering a rebrand, it’s a good idea to talk to someone who understands how your church’s brand can help you connect with your ideal audience.

Helping churches find their ideal audience & hone their branding is what we do all day, every day!  We’d love to talk about how we might help your church with our proprietary research process and years of church rebranding experience. Schedule a consult today 


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