Ability to Get In Touch with People Has Value! 3 Reasons To WOW Them In Return.

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Guest Follow-Up

Whether your church meets in person, online-only, or a mix of the two, you likely have a goal that’s always there: reach new people and grow. To grow, you’ll need to follow up with people with the contact info they provide. In the past, your church has multiple in-person touchpoints – plus the eyes of your welcome team. Now, a visitor can attend a worship service online without you easily knowing. How can you collect their contact information so you can follow up with them after the service? In an environment where someone can stay hidden, how can you better encourage those connections with people?

Contact info is valuable. If you can provide something in exchange, you both acknowledge that AND can start ministering to people.

When someone gives you their name and email address, they know that you will be contacting them soon. With email boxes full of messages, how can you show that your message matters, and they should want to receive it?

People will quickly move past hesitation when you provide something of value. For example, you can give them a list of helpful resources or an emailed prayer series. (Later on, you’ll find out how you get can a whole list of ideas!) Offering up something from you will help ease that resistance because you’ve given them value in return. If you want to think about it another way, you’re giving them a gift at the start of a new relationship. Churches for years have been providing visitor gift bags and other items – this is a continuation of that practice. And like before, what you provide tells them a little bit more about your church and begins something new. The only difference is that now the exchange has taken on a digital format.

Taking the first step towards someone shows that you want them there and that they are welcome.

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and not known anyone? Everyone’s talking amongst themselves. That is what it’s like for visitors when they experience your Sunday worship service for the first time. Everyone else chatting away may be so involved in conversations that no one notices the new person.

By taking an active role to invite people in, you show that you see them and want them to be there. You can say or post a simple message like:

“Welcome to worship! We’re glad you’re here and would love to get to know you better or offer any help. Right now, we’re donating $5 to local non-profits for everyone who connects with us. Find that link below – we can’t wait to talk to you!”

Let’s break down the three elements of this message.

  1. You actively recognize people who might otherwise feel invisible.
  2. You offer something of value.
  3. You point the way to the next step you want them to take – when they are ready.

How you say it may vary. The spirit is the same. We see you. We want to offer you this. And we recommend you do this next. 

You can only follow up with people who provide their info. Make it a joy to do so!

The old ways of church growth have long since faded away. It’s not enough to be there, post the information, and wait. Those who will actively find the path to becoming more involved with your church are few and far between.

The Great Commission tells us to take action. To GO, make disciples, baptize, and teach them (Matt. 28:19). You know to take that first action by seeking them out. However, connecting with new people in online services can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Further complicated now by the fact that the needle is invisible.

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That’s why it’s so important to provide value and encourage people to engage. Offer them something valuable in return. You’ll want to give them something that’s in line with your church’s culture, mission, and values. Consider your audience and how you can serve them and take that first step of providing their contact info.

Next week – making it happen for your church.

Now that you’ve got the concept, it’s time to put it into action! Next week, we’ll give you ideas on what to offer people in a way that feels natural for your church. Every church and every community is different – and that’s why you’ll get different ideas! You’ll find the right idea that resonates with your community and reflects the culture of your church. 

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